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Fire Fighting Butterfly Valve


Fire butterfly valve is a kind of fire fighting equipment that is  widely used in fire fighting systems of various public places and buildings .

Its main function is to control  the flow and pressure of fire fighting water sources .

Ensure fire protection effectiveness .before using a fire butterfly valve ,you must understand its specifications, operation methods and maintenance.


The Grooved End butterfly valve & Wafer type Butterfly valves are indicating type designed for use in fire protection systems where a visual indication is required as to whether the valve is open or closed. They are used, for example, as system, sectional, and pump water control valves. They have cut groove inlet and outlet connections that are suitable for use with grooved end pipe couplings that are listed and approved for fire protection systems.

Signal butterfly valve is the abbreviation of fire signal butterfly valve and a type of fire switch. The signal butterfly valve in the fire protection system is an operating alarm signal. Its purpose is to ensure that the valves in daily monitoring are always open to prevent people from mis operating and being closed, thereby affecting the use of fire protection in the event of a fire.

The signal receiving butterfly valve is an indispensable switch for the fire protection pipe network, because the water in the fire protection system pipe network must be kept open in time to ensure the timeliness of fire protection. Therefore, once the signal butterfly valve is closed, the signal module will report the fire alarm to the host and notify the monitoring center that the fire pipe network is closed.