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Butterfly valve maintenance precautions


Daily inspection: Check for leaks, abnormal noise, vibration, etc.

Regular inspections: System components such as valves should be regularly checked for leaks, rust, and jamming, and should be maintained, cleaned, dusted, and stained.

Disassembly inspection: The butterfly  valve should be disassembled and inspected regularly. During disassembly and inspection, the parts should be re-flushed, foreign matter, stains and rust spots should be removed, damaged or severely worn gaskets and packings should be replaced, and the sealing surface should be corrected. After inspection, the valve should be re-tested by hydraulic pressure. , can be reused only after passing the test.

If fluid leakage is found during inspection of the pneumatic butterfly valve, do not touch or approach the cylinder control valve with your hands until safety is confirmed.