What Are The Causes Of Stainless Steel Gate Valve Surface Film Rust?

For stainless steel gate valve, believe that a lot of people are not strange, in life are often seen, give people the feeling is not rust, but some of the phenomenon of rust, for this reason, a lot of people do not understand, that is the quality problem, so, what is the matter?Is it a quality problem?In fact, stainless steel gate valve surface rust reasons have the following.

1. Electrochemical corrosion

If the surface of the stainless steel gate valve deposit some other metal powder, or other metal particles of different types of attachment, these powder and attachment in the humid air, and the condensed water in the stainless steel, a micro battery, and then trigger an electrochemical reaction, so will lead to surface rust.

2. Organic liquid adhesive surface

Sometimes if there is some organic liquid on the surface of the stainless steel gate valve, then in the case of water and oxygen, it will constitute organic acid, and this organic acid will have a corrosive effect on the surface of the metal, so the surface will appear rusting phenomenon.Or stainless steel gate valve surface adhere to some acid, or alkaline substances and salts, which can also cause surface rust.

3. Polluted air

If the air is polluted, the air contains a lot of sulfide or carbon oxide, nitrogen oxide and other gases. These gases will form sulfuric acid and nitric acid after encountering condensed water. They will also cause chemical corrosion, causing the surface of stainless steel gate valve to rust.

In a word, stainless steel gate valve surface rust there are a variety of reasons, rust is not because of quality problems, and in daily use, must pay attention to these factors, so as to avoid the phenomenon of rust.