Aiwo Valve leads the quality of butterfly valves and creates brand valve grounding gas

Quality achieves excellence, and high quality builds a brand. Without excellent quality, it is difficult for an enterprise to progress and develop. Since its establishment, Aiwo Valve has always regarded the pursuit of excellent quality as an opportunity for its own development. Butterfly valve is one of many valve varieties, but it plays an irreplaceable role in pipeline engineering. The pipeline engineering works continuously and steadily, relying on high-quality butterfly valves. Aiwo Valve takes quality as the core and builds an excellent butterfly valve brand. Its products have the following characteristics.


First, it is adaptable to the environment. Because the pipeline engineering use environment is relatively complicated, this requires the butterfly valve to adapt to the environment. For this reason, Aiwo Valve has made great efforts to ensure that the butterfly valve adapts to the environment. Firstly, materials are selected. Pipeline engineering requires not only high temperature resistance, but also high requirements for corrosion resistance and vibration resistance. For this reason, Aiwo Valve takes the best from the selection of butterfly valve materials to ensure that the valve has sufficient high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

Of course, the environmental adaptability of butterfly valves is not only related to material selection, but also related to structural design. In order to manufacture high-quality butterfly valves, Aiwo Valve has invested heavily in butterfly valve research and formed a team of first-class scientific research experts. One detail fine-tuning, paying attention to the connection between structure and structure, paying attention to the control of fine size, after a lot of experiments, the structure and size of the butterfly valve are optimized, so as to ensure the best effect of butterfly valve research and development. In addition to striving for perfection in research and development, Aiwo Valve is even more “pretentious” in the production of butterfly valves. In the production process, the production is strictly in accordance with the design specifications, and strict supervision is carried out to ensure that the butterfly valve manufacturing effect is completely consistent with the scientific research effect. Attaching great importance to scientific research and manufacturing is the key to ensuring butterfly valves.


The second is good work continuity. Since the plumbing project needs long-term use, it is necessary to ensure the durability of the butterfly valve and be able to work stably for a long time. In order to ensure the continuity of the butterfly valve’s work, Aiwo Valve has carried out numerous simulation experiments and practical engineering experiments during the development of the butterfly valve, and made many subtle adjustments to the butterfly valve structure, so that the butterfly valve has good working continuity and strong stability. Due to countless fine adjustments, the Aiwo valve butterfly valve avoids “emerge, drip, leakage, seepage” and other problems in plumbing engineering work, and also avoids noise and other problems in the process of water flow, and strives to ensure that users are quiet and Use plumbing works safely.



Aiwo Valve keeps improving, focusing on the future. Butterfly valve strives for a “precision” word in all links including research and development, design, manufacturing and post-service. It is also because Aiwo Valve pursues “precise” quality and builds a reputation for itself.