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QQ: 1872070384

The company is specialized in the production of valves, valve:Tianjin, Tanggu valve, butterfly valve butterfly valve butterfly valve,Tianjin, Tanggu, wafer butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, welded butterfly valve, soft seal butterfly valve, hard seal butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, check valve, relief valve, hydraulic control valve.

Tianjin avoix valve limited company manufacturing valves and valvesupporting the professional factory, eight products (butterfly valve,ball valve, gate valve, check valve, plug valve, regulating valve,hydraulic control valve, pressure reducing valve), valve productsproduction range 15 ~ 3800mm, pressure 0.1MPa-32MPa, rich experience has been more than twenty years of design,manufacturing, management, service, for domestic and foreign water plant, sewage treatment plant, power plant, chemical plant, gas,heating, oil company, Oil Refinery Co, high-rise building valve users,we are your best choice.

We will always focus on the urban construction change rapidly, water,energy and power, petrochemical, construction area, the development of the innovation. To ensure that the company among the top, determined to continue to develop high and new, difficult,special valve products, the new trend of the world will besynchronized, Tianjin avoix Valve Co. Ltd. to build China biggest valve development and manufacturing base to become. "Do not seek the best, and strive to better" is our tenet.

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